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Antonio Vivaldi Notes - MUSIC 1A03

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Joe Argentino

Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons “Winter”  1678-1741  Called the “Red Priest” (red hair and ordained)  Director of music at Venice’s Ospedale della Pieta (Hospice of compassion): a large orphanage for girls  Wrote most of his Concertos while at orphanage  Was a virtuoso violinist  Wrote almost 350 solo concertos (2/3 for solo violin) and 15 double concertos (more than ½ for two violins)  Revered during his lifetime  Bach arranged some concertos for Organ  Interest in Baroque Music was focused on Bach and Handel th  He and his music were rediscovered in the 20 century  Born in Venice  Father was a violinist  His concertos, written for the Conservatorio del’Ospedale del Pieta, attracted people from all over Europe  In addition to his post in Venice he spent time in other Italian cities writing operas (approximately 40 operas, and unfortunately many are not lost)  Also spent time in Amsterdam, where many of his compositions were published  Fact or fiction: it was reported that Vivaldi, when celebrating a Mass, left the alter to write down a musical idea that had just occurred to him  He was suspended as a priest (Vivaldi claimed that he was unable to fulfill his duties as a priest because of his health)  Although he charged a handsome sum for his compositions and make a small fortune – he died a poor man because of his extravagant lifestyle  Buried in pauper’s grave  Extremely prolific  Much of his music is still unknown  Baroque Concerto, contrasts, based on oppositional forces  “the fire and the fury of the Italian style”  Four Seasons: a suite of four violin concerto’s  Each concerto is accompanied by a poem (written, we think, by Vivaldi) The Four Season’s “Winter”  Concerto: an instrumental work for a soloist (or group of soloist) and a larger ensemble  In Vivaldi’s “WINTER” o Soloist: violin o Larger ensemble that includes:
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