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Barbara Strozzi Notes - MUSIC 1A03

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Joe Argentino

Barbara Strozzi – Revenge  1619-1677  Overcame many obstacles  Unmarried – had 4 children  Studied with Francesco Cavalli (composer, singer and Monteverdi’s pupil who later replaces Monteverdi at St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice)  Sang at the Accademia degli Unisoni (founded 1638)  Adopted by Guilio Strozzi, but may have been his biological daughter  Grew up in a cultured family and attended meetings of poets and philosophers; women weren’t usually exposed to these  Published 8 volumes of music (~125 works) with no patronage or moral support: primarily secular works  Seconda prattica madrigals  “Lagrime Mie” L’Eraclito amoroso  Women composers were not generally appreciated during their lifetime Female Musicians in the Baroque Era 1. Virtually no professional opportunities unless they worked in convent 2. Unfortunately very little changed for hundreds of years 3. Trained primarily as performers/virtuosos, not as composers (keyboard and vocal) 4. Most women did not have access to training in musical compositions. Exceptions: a. Barbara Strozzi b. Francesca Caccino c. Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre Received training at home (musical family) 5. Women weren’t really accepted as composers (or conductors) until the 20 century!!! Revenge  “La Vendetta” in Italian  An “arietta” – little aria  Poetic text expresses a jilted lover’s thirst for revenge: energetic and extroverted music  Chamber Music o Meant to be performed in a small room at a private gatheri
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