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Matthew Woolhouse

Ludwig van Beethoven • born 1770 in Bonn (N. Germany, was capital of west germany)  • died 1827, in Vienna (Austria) • Father was court musician in Bonn; exploited son's talents, was alcoholic, Beethoven was main breadwinner in teens • Grant from Elector of Bonn (a municipality in what is now Germany, was Holy Roman Empire) sent him to Vienna, 1790 Went To Vienna, 1790 • Studied under Haydn 1790-1794 • Began to go deaf at 26 (tinnitus), caused intense grief ◦ tinnitus creates and generates noises that aren't real, much worse than if he just went plain deaf ◦ Heiligenstadt Testament (1802), contemplates suicide "it was only my art that held me back" • Hearing loss didn't stop his composing • Over 100 conversation books remain - great historical record (Anton Schindler, wrote a biography about Beethoven, but made up a lot of conversations) • Eroica (Beethoven's 3rd symphony, intense and dark) • Had to give up playing concerts by 1811 • Suffered from chronic poor health, deafness, and custody battle over nephew during last 15 years of life • increasingly introverted • Widely recognized during lifetime as greets composer • When died in 1827 was declared national hero Symphony no. 5 in C Minor •  Opening ◦ Possibly world's best known piece - included on Voyager I (the space satell
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