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Matthew Woolhouse

science • its energy of sound waves not movement of air molecules that creates sound • Mach 1 --- 1236 km/hour at 20 degrees - 343 m/s • low note on piano is 27.3 HZ, goes up to 4286, middle C is 264 • disjunct interval between notes has lots of notes in-between (C-E is disjunct, it is a 3rd) • an octave has a frequency ratio of 1:2 • octave is divided into 12 different and equal steps (half steps) c,c#,d,d#,e,f,f# etc. • scale is a collection of 7 notes from the 12 • each scale has start and end note, the tonic • scale used in music is in a particular key based on tonic of scale, e.g. scale starting on tonic note C is music in key C • 12 unique tonics, therefore 24 unique keys (major and minor for each note) • melody: single line of notes heard in succession as unit • cadence is when pitch goes down at end of section • rhythm: ordering of musical events in time, usually beats are organized into groups of 2,3 or 4 beats • grouping of beats is called metre, duple/triple • each group of beats is called measure (or bars) • three or more sounds sounding at same time = chord • chords played one after another = harmony • notes of each chord usually takes single scale T
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