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Haydn - String Quartet in C Major, 2nd movement. Ch. 20, p 172-180.pdf

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McMaster University
Matthew Woolhouse

String Quartet • Haydn was not first composer of string quartet (Purcell and Allegri in 17th century) • Haydn wrote more than anyone else, established genre • most demanding genre • intimate - performers operate on equal footing • typically 4 movements ◦ 1st - fast, "sonata" form (ch. 23, Mozart, sym. no. 40) ◦ 2nd = slow, contrasting key, either variation form or ABA ◦ 3rd - "minuet", lively, dance form, triple metre (ch. 22, Haydn. Sym. no. 102) ◦ 4th - "Finale", fast, light mood, "sonata" form or "rondo" (ABACA) • timbre: blended, matching timbre - variants of same basic instrument • instrument ranges are similar to voice: ◦ Soprano: Violin 1 - sweet, piercing ◦ Alto: Violin 2 ◦ Tenor: Viola - mellow, rounded ◦ Bass: Cello - resonant, rich • layout is 1st violin, 2nd violin, viola and cello from right to left, in semicircle Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) • music director for Prince Nicholas Esterhazy for almost 3 decades ◦ composed music for the prince ◦ conductomg: in charge of one of the best orchestras in europe ◦ keep order amongst musicians • after death of the prince (in 1790) , haydn made 2 long trips to England (1791 and 1794) ◦ composed symphonies, songs, and piano works • returned to Vienna in 1795: produced oratorios, Masses, string quartets, and taught Beethoven String Quartet in C Major, 2nd Movement • 3 fundamental processes of composing: ◦ repetition, variation, contrast • Haydn's Quartet in C Major (1797), 2nd Movement does all 3: ◦ Based on repeating melod
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