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Mozart - Symphony No. 40 1st movement, Ch. 23, pp197-206.pdf

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Matthew Woolhouse

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart • born 1756 in Saltzburg, died in 1791 in Vienna (age 35) • heavy drinker, gambling debts, womanizer • Father was a composer - Leopold Mozart; recognized his son's musical genius early ("Wunderkind" was daddy's nickname for him) • by age of 12, had written 3 operas, 6 symphonies, 100 other works • toured Europe to meet composers, perform, and learn about styles of composition and performance • Went to Vienna in 1781 (age 25) without steady job, tried to make fame and fortune but didn't work, performing on piano, selling his compositions, and giving piano lessons • Huge success between 1782-1790, operas, concertos, symphonies, but always in debt • 1791 - morbid depression, composed Requiem Mass, buried in unmarked grave in Vienna His Sister - Maria Anna Mozart • 1751-1829 • also child prodigy on keyboard • eventually stopped travelling with father and brother His Travels • traveled pretty much everywhere in europe • went to Rome at 16, met pope, got order of golden spur Sonata Form • 1st movement form, or Sonata Allegro • Expansion of rounded binary form (aaba) • No 2 pieces in sonata form are exactly same, but they share some recognizable features • 3 sections ◦ Exposition (a) then repeated (a) ▪ opening idea ▪ contrasting idea in diff. key is introduced ◦ Development (b) ▪ takes music materials from exposition, and then manipulates it like crazy, uns
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