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Mozart, Piano Concerto in A Major, 1st Movement. Ch. 24, pp 207-214.pdf

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Matthew Woolhouse

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Concerto • drama of contrast between orchestra and soloist ◦ orchestra alone (0:00) ◦ soloist alone (2:04) ◦ one supports the other (2:12 and 3:18) ◦ soloist and orchestra of equal importance (3:33) • Typically a 3-movement genre ◦ 1st movement is sonata form (special type) ◦ 2nd movement: sonatina, theme and variations or ABA form ◦ 3rd movement: Finale - sonata or rondo(recursion of A) form  ◦ Omits dance movement (minuet and trio) Classical to Modern Instruments • keyboards: harpsichord to fortepiano to pianoforte ◦ fortepiano: smaller, softer-sounding than pianoforte • Strings: catgut (cattle, sheep or goat guts) to strings wound with wire ◦ catgut: softer, warmer than wire • Brass: mostly without valves or "keys" to change pipe length - limited range. Valves arrived early 19th cen. ◦ mostly used as accompaniment instrument • Percussion: mainly timpani used; other percussion sounds added to orchestra later Piano Co
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