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Matthew Woolhouse

Beethoven (1770 [Bonn, N. Germany] - 1827 [Vienna]) • studied under Haydn 1790-1794 • started going deaf at 26, but carried on composing (tinnitus) • died at 57, national hero • Symphony no. 5 in C Minor (1808) - possibly world's best known piece ◦ germinal cell produced by simple, recognizable theme ◦ theme used throughout 1st mov. in Sonata form (expos, development, recapitulation) ◦ music moves dramatically through extremes Schubert (1797-1828 @31) • Austrian, 1 of 15 children, relatively low birth • prolific composer (1815 made 20000 bars of music, 9 church works, symphony, 140 lieder) • Erlkonig ◦ rhythm: repetitive = horsey ◦ each character diff. register ▪ narrator = middle range, minor ▪ father - low range, minor/major ▪ child - high range, minor ▪ Erlking - all ranges, major key, pp Mendelssohn (1809 [Hamburg] - 1847 [Berlin]) • prominent, intellectual, cosmopolitan family • Overture to a Midsummer Night's Dream ◦ programme music - instrumental work associated with story or idea ◦ invokes atmosphere and characters of play ▪ melodies associated with characters in the story ◦ mythological comedy ◦ theme 1: enchanted forest (winds) ◦ theme 2: kingdom of fairies (high strings) Berlioz (1803-1869 [French]) • studied at National Conservatory of Music in Paris - guitarist not pianist • wrote personal life into music • Symphonie Fantastique (1830) ◦ obsessive love for Harriet Smithson ◦ programme music - prose written by Berlioz himself ▪ 4th mov. - march to the scaffold - dreams he killed lov
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