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MT 1 STUFFJuly2809106 PMMusic 1AA3 first class Tuesday 23rdIn a composition certain notes are favoured over others in a piece of musicKeyparticular group of pitches thats used and given priority with in a composition subset of all available pitches2 typesMinorcouple of notes are changed from the major with a negative sad emotionMajorpositive emotionTonicpoint of arrival of a key when you hit note you get feeling of resolution finality at a resting point the main notes of apiece of musicThus each pitch can be the tonic note of a major or a minorFactIn middle ages there was no tonal system usedMelodytunesuccession of pitches with particular rhythmIs important component of pitchPeople hear this most prominentlyWhat you would hear immediatelyContourshape of melody ex Ascending descendingImportant way a composer can express an emotional ideaRangedistance in pitch between hi and low pitch in entire melodyHow much pitch space that melody coversMusicalphrasemelody is divided up into segmentsthus its segments of a melodyEnd of a phrase cadence which can be open cant complete thought or closed land on tonic noteMusic has many layersRepetitiongives piece of music a sense of unity cohesion and makes you feel like the end of the piece belongs to the Terms used in reference to melodybeginning if it doesnt exist then its like a novelThemes and motives are important to repetitionThemes and motives both used interchangeably in writing music and both refer to segments of melody that reoccur in composition repeats and by the end of the music you know what the themes and the motives areRhythmrefers to concept of duration hoe long a particular music of sounds are heldImportant concept in music People refer usually to pattern of duration of long and short pitches notesOther songs have complicated rhythms with different variations Music 1AA3 Page 1 2 termsgenre a type of music and music can be divided up into many different genres for example the string cortet can have subgenres and1in the 18C string cortet can get more and more specific Use instrumentation time geography function Example of geographychurch music Thus all particular genres share something Style refers to specific characteristics of that piece which is associated with a brauder category 2Refers to specific details Examplesung softly repetition not complicated elements of style Form refers to structure 3Talking about patterns in music Look in larger scale thus particular theme in like 2min Pasted from http65551837attGetAttachmentaspxfile3aaa28c619c24d1c8385b85e55a2fda9mhtctbWVzc2FnZS9yZmM4MjI3dnameTm8gU3ViamVjdC5taHQ3dinline0rfc0emptyFalseimgsrchmloginghadakhattab9hmdomainhotmailcomip1060183dd3275mf0hmtsTue2c202820Jul20200920173a083a2620GMThmha010d878f396b45575cb06003de3f96d4f5391c9472f39c12eaa0a710ea1b349180oneredir1Music 1AA3 Page 2
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