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Pop Music 2II3 November 18 Soul to funk Development connected to the Civil Rights Movement and the development of African-American identity. -early days of music genres breaking apart. -Black music culture takes a break from the British Invasion -previously had operated on the individual star, the band is not something that is common in the history of Black music. -peak years of British Invasion, Black artists are absent from the pop charts -black music culture undergoes change from r&b to Soul Music (Funk). -soul music was highly political in a subtle/important way. Was fundamentally caught up with African American identity. Caught up in defining the audience. Late 1950’s growing anticipation of civil rights Rejection of Blues as the sound of the past, rural south, slavery. New sound of the urban-Soul Music -felt by many in the Black community that R&B no longer held resonance that it once held. Was a reminder of a time that a lot of African Americans wanted to put behind them. Wanted to look forward. Meant looking at a culture that was becoming more sophisticated and more “urbane”, more forward thinking/progressive. -many people wanted to leave R&B behind -new sound was R&B embracing elements of TPA. Fusion of: 1)Vocal Style from Gospelvery demonstrative, intense, vocal ornamentation, distortion 2)Rhythm and back beat of R&Bheavy bass, what changes is the tempo. Blues sat within a narrow range of tempos (medium tempo)…not music for dancing to. Soul embraces same idea. Tempo tends to speed up or slowdown from mid-range, so the songs could be danced to. Music was meant to be danced to, as it was a time to celebrate 3)Arrangements and lyric styles from TPA more technically complicated styles from TPA. Was seen as something good, would be taken more seriously. Adopts lyric style of TPA. Adult relationships in R&B were pulled back, idealized romance replaces it. Most soul music does not have anything lyrically that could be seen as questionable, in the vein of pop music content. -when soul music emerges, it comes from all over the place. But main plac
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