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Simon Wood

Music- November 29, 2011  Martin Luther King, assassinated April 4 1968  The black panthers  “Back to Africa” Marcus Garvey- black star line 1919  The re-africanization of culture  James brown- funk (reafricanizing soul music into funk, melody and chords aren’t the main interest, and the primary interest is in the rhythm)  Deprivilege of melody and harmony  Privilege of rhythm  Interlock groove- based on African drum groups- all of the different parts are coming together  He is “ghosting” the notes- don’t really understand what hes saying…  It is not just about sound, it is about identity  Community- how drum circles were representative of equal community (there is a drum master)  Cyclical- pleasure in repetition  Open ended forms- cyclical vs linear  AABA form  Riffs- common element in African American culture. Sunk into the background, but James brings it back out.  As soon as James started playing funk, he lost his entire white audience. It wasn’t until the mid 80’s that he had a hit with white audiences again. (living in America)  Little f folk music- people in rural area who make music because they like to do so, do for fun, not to get paid. Big F- musicians who look andn sound exactly like amateur folk musicians. The image of both folks is the same. But big F- do it for money, as a profes
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