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Music 2II3 Popular Music: Post World War 2 Lecture 9 7/24/2013 1:49:00 PM 1963 – see the Beatles rise to the top of music business in Britain February 1964 first time in the states –through summer of 1965 extraordinary period for them three weeks in April – 60% of all record sales July 1964 –“ a hard days night” end of 4 US tour in 1965 -- $64 million dollars  importance – template for what is to follow o brought the idea back of writing your own songs, playing your own instruments o basic structure of guitars, bass, drums and vocals – starting point for band after band  Mersey Beat: Gerry and the pacemakers, the searchers, the swinging blue jeans – emerged in the wake of the success from the Beatles o imitating the sound of the early Beatles o all the bands similar to the Beatles (the early beatles)  in July 1965 – the second film of the Beatles came out: Help  yesterday – listening o most covered song in the western industry o from the album help o AABA form o musical structure itself is more involved and complicated o Paul McCartney came up with the song o more complex harmonic and lyric structures o string quartet – influence of George martin  sign Beatles are evolving – moving away from pop song writing  listening to yesterday, only hear one Beatle  august -- 1965 --"help”  Dec 1965 -- " rubber soul"  august 1966 -- "revolver o song “tomorrow never knows” – listening o composed by john Lennon o song is based on a drone – a note or instrument that plays all through the entire piece (influence of non western culture) o tambora o based on the Tibetan book of the dead – lyrics are based on that o vocal is double tracked and is run through a “leslie” a speaker cabinet o makes use of tape “loops” (avant-garde) and backwards recording o first know use of “flanging”  demonstrates the growing influence of non western culture and the technology of the recording studio on the work of the Beatles o this song would have been unplayable in concert in the 1960s o care more about recording and writing than playing live  the band was losing interest in public performance  1966:  june – japan  july – the Philippines  last stop on tour was the states – in august  in march 1966 -- john did an interview (he emerged as the intellectual of the band) o were talking about religion o pop culture has become more important than religion for teenagers  more people would rather go to the beatles concert than go to church (for teens)  beatles are bigger than jesus  last date of the tour – august 29 – playing in candlestick park in san Francisco --announce they were permanently retiring from live performance o last time they played live  june 1967 – release an album o “sgt Peppers lonely hearts club band” o back of the album -- because of the lyrics o first significant album in popular music that included lyrics in the album cover o marks a transition –from rock n roll to rock o where popular music asks you to stop dancing and listen to the whole album The British Blues Revival:  London – interest in blues  chess tour  Chris barber -- blues incorpo
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