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Simon Wood

Music 2II3 Popular Music: Post World War 2 Lecture 11 7/31/2013 3:01:00 PM Early 1950s folk music falls out of fashion  1961 to 1965 – bob Dylan  presents himself in that traditional folk singer/songwriter way  the revival of the Beatles got him thinking – he loved the Beatles –John Lennon also thought Bob Dylan was a great songwriter  they met, mutual fan basis  the influence was reciprocal –stunned by the popularity of a rock n roll band Newport folk festival – 1965  Known as ―Dylan goes electric‖  Never heard this kind of volume at the folk festival  significant moment, not well received at the moment – a lot of people booed o so much booing it only lasted 3 songs before they left the stage  pete seger trying to knock off the sound, so outraged  idea of rock n roll – in many folk minds had no integrity  electric instrument = rock n roll  still singing about what things matter, just trying a different approach  wanted to reach more people and still saying something meaningful with his songs – he definitely did achieve more fans  he created Folk rock Creation of ―Folk Rock‖  now considered possible to have meaningful songs with the instruments of rock n roll in Folk music  influences greatly on counter culture Influence on the development of the counter culture  group of young people looking for an alternative to the main stream o that’s what the term counter culture means (not complete opposite but alternative)  its all over the states o but the key place is on the US west coast – san Francisco  influenced by the Beats (Jack Kerouac, allan Ginsberg – first to question whether their government is doing the right thing for people) o started in 1950s o they were looking for alternative to what mainstream were presenting – but at a very different time – they never really questioned authority back then like now in the 60s o jack kerolac – on the road book o allan – poem howl  why were they called the beats? o jazz beat – loved jazz o beaten down by government authorities particularly in the 1950s –constantly harassed o idea they put together – beatitude –key for counter culture  put together from eastern philosophies  stood for a higher state of consciousness  purely symbolic for many people  if you can achieve this high state you can see the world as It really is – if you cant you are surrounded by materialism – this is how the government gets away with things  combination of eastern philosophies  revived in the mid 1960s – new idea comes out  move away from ideology of parents o remember the time – baby boomers o civil rights time o war is not a good idea o was a awakening o thousands look for something else if not in school  people become hip  hippies formed  through 1966 to 1967 -- hippie central is in San Francisco – Haight Ashbury  counter culture notion of the attitude – creates: o homology  underlying similarity between things that on the surface seem quite different  allows us to see the world the way it really is  homology comes down to the attitude – that there is a higher state of consciousness  try to create an experience in your brain to achieve a higher state, stimulate your psych, your neurons  homology of sensory stimulation (psychedelic) – jump to ultra state of being o jump to ultra state of being o many was symbolic o example: poster art of counter culture – always made you work for the information, words were always distorted o clothing – bright colours in clothing – tye dye shirts o drugs  genuine attempt for people to find alternate ways at looking at the world and thinking also - Music:  loud – because of sensory simulation, you don’t just hear it you physically feel it, overwhelming is what you need to feel  longer or unusual song forms o odd forms – you don’t know what to expect o attention extensive psychedelic experience  jamming (collective improvisation)  lighting shows o counter culture invents modern lighting o over loading bunch of senses together Truckin' The Grateful Dead (1970)  listening – live album -- truckin  influenced by folk rock o very relaxing, nothing flashy o almost lacking self consciousness o looseness to their music –not worked through note to note o each performance is unique, recognizable but unique  served as a starting point  enter improvisation  they jammed  to give the concert audience something different and unexpected o ups chance of psychedelic experience  developed name dead heads – fans who went constantly to every single concert  never went out of their way to demonstrate how great they were, etc  never see the same show twice, don’t know what will happen next  more aggressive sound develops, more use of distortion, more open references to drugs  less obvious folk image  style known as acid rock  best known group was Jefferson airplane  white rabbit –jefferson airplane (summer 1967)  listening o was a hit, not a lot of counter culture were hits or POPULAR or making money o from alice in wonderland o more modern – matrix – follow the white rabbit o real world is hidden from us o the structure is a crescendo  get new sections, not the same melody  about a drug rush, drug experiences  summer of love – 1967, the high point o San Francisco was the place to be after 1967:  doesn’t last long  youth culture becomes more politically active  more and more young men were getting mail to go into war o thousands were coming home in body bags o did not have a choice unless head north to canada  focus on civil rights and United states had a the draft/Vietnam (no choice)  people became more and more aware of the real problems going on  want to make a difference in politics? You did it in the north east, in major cities around Washi
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