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Lecture 15

MUSIC 2MT3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Uncle Dave Macon, Sweet Home Chicago, Mamie Smith

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Rachael Finnerty

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Songs Time Line
1800 Believe me, If all those Endearing Charms (Thomas Moore)
1892 After the Ball (Charles K. Harris)
1920 Crazy Blues (Mamie Smith)
1927 Carve that Possum (Uncle Dave Macon & Fruit Jar Drinkers)
1928 How Long Blues (Carr and Blackwell)
1936 Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson)
1944 Sentimental Journey (Les Brown, ft. Doris Day)
1947 Old Alabama (work song)
1954 I Got a Woman (Ray Charles)
1954 Hoochie Coochie Man (Muddy Water Chess Records)
1954 June Sh Boom (The Chords Cats Record)
1954 July Sh Boom (The Crew Cuts Mercury Record)
1955 Tutti Fruitti (Little Richard Specialty Record)
1956 Tutti Fruitti (Pat Boone)
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