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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Laura Parker

Lecture 6Friday October 21 20111230 PMIn astronomy we take multiple images and put it togetherUsing spectroscopyA further away the galaxy is the faster they are moving away from us Everything is moving away from everything elseThis was discoveredusing two thingsDistances to other galaxies1Using Standard CandlesiAn object which always has the same brightness How much light you receive from it depends on how far away you areThe rate of motionof the galaxy by using the Doppler shiftof its lightiiCosmologyImplications of Hubbles LawDescribed the relation between the motion of a galaxy and its distance from usSpeed measured from the amount of Doppler shiftDistance measured with standard candle technique fainterfurther awaySpeed proportional to distance VHdIf all galaxies are getting further from each other based on time this implies that the 1orientation of the universe should be differentWe can test this using lookback timeTherefore if we look back in time the galaxies should be closer togetherThis is correct as the galaxies really ARE closer together earlier than todayIf everything is expanding that means the universe must have a beginning
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