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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Laura Parker

Lecture 11Sunday October 16 2011507 PMThe Quantum World LightLight behaves as a waveTwo things that categorize light areFrequencyWavelengthSpeed frequency x wavelengthWhen you run towards a light beam you will encounter more wave crestsBlue shiftmore wave crestsRed shift less wave crestsMomentumpmvFalls apart in the quantum worldQuantum PhysicsStarted with an attempt to understand Black body radiationBlack body radiation is when hot materials glow at a color that is the same temperature Temperature and color are closely related only possible if light is in particlesHotter objects is the bluer it is hot objects emit light at short wavelengths and cold objects emit light at long wavelengths red shifted The glow of the objects is only based on its temperature and not its compositionQuantum physicsthe measurement of the current disagree with the very arguments about how much energy can be transferred from an electromagnetic wavePhotoelectric effectYou shine light on a metal and electrons come outThis could only mean that light came in little particles called photons or quantaYou measure the current coming out of the metal to see how many electrons come outLight behaves as a particle and
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