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Lecture 12

Lecture 12

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Laura Parker

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Lecture 12Friday October 07 20111230 PMWhen you pass waves through two slits you would see interference constructive and destructiveYou cant measure velocity and position simultaneouslyFor a very short period of time you can control energy borrowCreation of mass2emcgives some energy more can be createdWhen you create mass from energy you make antiparticles that collide and destroy each other giving energy offEvidence for physicsBlackbody radiationPhotoelectric effectDouble slit experimentQuantum tunnelingSpectrum linesQuantum in everyday lifeLasers transistors accuracy of atomic clocks Quantum noiseQuantum cryptography fluorescenceLight can act as a particle and wave light travels in packets of energy called photonsPhotons have no mass by have momentum and energyParticles has wave propertiesBack to gravityGravitational forces decreases with distanceDepends on the masses involvedAll objects fall at the same rateEinsteins special theory of
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