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Lecture 16

Lecture 16

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Laura Parker

Lecture 16Tuesday October 18 20111230 PMExtremophilesLive in extreme locations on earthVery cold or very hot they will surviveEven in acidic environments they will surviveThe formation of our solar systemSolar nebula1Contracts into a rotating diskstar forms in theball of centerbig ball of mostly hydrogen little 2bit of heliumThe outer edges of this disk is where the planets form and is cooler than the center3CometsComets form in the outer portion of the disk around the young sunGravitational encounters with the big planets threw most of these objects out of the solar systemSo the comets formed in the same place as the rest of the planets but then were kicked out to large radiiThe comets live in the Oort cloud which is 50000x AU from usCant really see it we just know of it Oort cloudOther stars kick these comets back into our solar systemImportance of Kuiper Belt ObjectsThe Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud are relatively pristine remnants of the nebula from which the entire solar system was formedTheir composition and distribution places important constraints on the models of they early evolution of the solar systemThey stay the sameRemnants
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