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Lecture 30

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Laura Parker

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Lecture 30Tuesday November 29 20111230 PMActive galaxiesBlack holesIf a supernova core is heavier than 3 solar masses then nothing in nature can stop gravity from winning once and for allStellar at the end of a mass stars lifeInter mediate massSupermassive million to billion times the mass of the sun middle of galaxiesHow do supermassive black holes formStart with a seed stellar mass black holes then accrete lots of matterBest model at the momentBut then why dont we see lots of intermediate mass black holesOr can we somehow form big lack holes early in the universe With mergersWhy are the super massive black holes in the early universeIf you take H and He they will make BIG stars so that could be an explanation of the supermassive black holes in the early universeSupermassive black holes in the center of galaxiesThey are either bright or dullThey ones eating material are called AGN dull ones are passiveCan be more luminous than the whole galaxyGalaxies hosting AGN are called active galaxiesAGN are extremely luminous so can be found to very great distancesActive GalaxiesCompact central regionSmaller than our solar systemSome have jets coming from nucleusCan have rapid variability changes observed on very short time sca
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