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Lecture 14

PEACEST 1A03 Lecture 14: Cold Wars and Anti-Nuclear Movements

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Peace Studies
Colin Mc Cullough

PEACEST 1A03 Cold Wars and Anti-Nuclear Movements February 6, 2017 Cold War Peace Movements - No single peace movement in the early part of the Cold War - Opposition to nuclear weapons is particularly important - Peace movements respond to previous war: WW2 largely seen as a “just war” so fewer people call for full disarmament th - Some people fear Communists in the US and Canada fomenting revolution- 5 Column - Quakers and Mennonites opposed ALL WAR - Some peace movements were against using a specific weapon (i.e., nuclear weapons) - Some peace movements can be against a particular conflict (i.e., First World War) Dr. James Endicott, Canadian Peace Congress leader - Rev. James Endicott is the leading peace figure in Canada - Founds CPC in 1948, gets 300,000 people to sign a petition calling for the banning of the atomic bomb - Endicott and his group attacked for being Communists, lose support when they side with the North in the Korean War—people will not accept that this is correct Nuclear Weapons - US defence spending stretched because of Korean War, see relying more on nuclear weapons as a good idea - Hydrogen bomb: developed by US to intimidate Soviets, but they just test their own - Soviets use spies to help them develop their own bomb in 1949 - People in North America terrified at Soviet’s acquisition of the A-bomb Weapons Delivery and the Space Race - How will a nuclear war happen? Planes, missiles, from space? - 1957, Soviets test ballistic missiles that can make it to all of Europe, and possibly North
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