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Peace Studies

June 3, 2013 Guest speaker: McQueen Questions of clarification • Currently, war is justified by a global conflict framework (GWOT – Global War on Terror) kept in place by fraudulent events, including fraudulent trigger incidents. Cold war – btwn soviet union and u.s. and allies with nuclear weapons Peace brigades intl El savador forced into cold war conflicts GWOT affects all Cold war ended with disolvement of Soviet Union The enemy of the west changed from those communists to those terrorists (GWOT) GWOT is fraudulent: terrorism is a non issue for the West World military expenditures from 1988-2011, decreased in 1992-1999, then went up (graph) – • Trigger Incidents An event that stimulates or evokes a group response – social grp behaviour Emotional stake: fear, panic, anger Human rationality is lost, individualism is lost or punished, imprisonment, violence often Can trigger massive wars Authentic War Trigger: Sarajevo, 1914 Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand: triggered WW1 1914-1918 A Serbian nationalist, Gavrilo Princip, shot Ferd and his wife Also caused influenza 1918-1919 Injust peace led to WWII Many contributions to causes of war Ie armies prepared, railways, treaties, alliances Deception is a war trigger Second eg. Fraudulent War Trigger: Gulf of Tonkin, 1964 Led into Vietnam War (3 mill killed and affected neighbouring countries) US had sent two destroyer ships into the gulf and Vietnam sent some ships out to check out the other ships...inherent aggressiveness of communism..the destroyers were threatening, spying, and provided cover of armed military into the country, and the Vietnamese did not fire on them US bombed Vietnam but was unnecessary provocation....maybe deliberate provocation to get into a war How to prevent trigger incidents from working? How to inject calm, rationality, and critical thinking Third eg Fraudulent War Trigger: Operation Northwoods, 1962 (not activated) Cuba 1962 5 joint chief of staffs all agreed to justification for US military intervention in Cuba Castro’s revolution just happened a. we could blow up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba b. we could blow up a drone (unmanned) vessel in Cuban waters c. casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation (trick American ppl to create a trigger) – group mind to take over d. we could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in Miami etc American bombs to be set off in American cities to blame Cubans In this scenario you don’t need to provoke..because they may not respond because they know they are being provoked Fourth eg. Boston Marathon Bombing 2013 Suspicious event Chechnya vs US Emergence of patterns There was a training exercise to be held that morning Dogs, intell on the roofs, announcement to calm ppl alerting of training exercise Training exercises tend to go hand in hand with fraudulent events Ie 9/11, London bombings in subway stations, 7-7 bombings Contradictions: FBI story kept changing Older bro was killed resisting arrest (video too) but video showed him being led into police car Closed entire city to search for younger bro He was unarmed...theory is they were not to survive for a trial because their evidence was not good enough Classified as enemy combant: no trial needed Within 24 hrs he produced a written confession despite being gravely wounded and not having lawyer or given rights Then said he wrote his confession while in boat... Training exercise, constantly changing story (despite fog of war – normal), police fired at unarmed, wounded 19 yr old, clean up operation – get rid of evidence (ie Bin Laden’s body dumped into ocean)..older brother had friend who police interviewed but then was shot to death despite being unarmed..two FBI officers fell to their death from helicopter Public believes the authorities telling the story ..not s
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