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McMaster University
Peace Studies

When we talk about peace, it has to start with the self Peace has to come from within. It is very important to keep your mind healthy and in balance If your mind is allowed to be distracted or tempted into a number of material pursuits, you will remain dissatisfied and, therefore, not at peace with yourself Perhaps, An endless pursuit of material possessions, or The state of helplessness at the tough challenges of life or, Sheer mental illness The suicide rate world wide has jumped up very high We are in an age of ‘suicide epidemic’ ‘self harm’: a mounting public health concern A growing body of research on suicide suggests taht A period of depression Thoughts of worthlessness A burning desire to get ahead by any means The principal reasons leading to such a drastic step Since 1999, more Americans have killed themselves every year than the year before This has made suicide the nation’s greatest ‘untamed cause of death’ Throughout the developed world, for example, self harm is now the leading cause of death for people 15-49. This has surpassed all cancers and heart disease In 2010, around the world, self harm (suicide) took more lives than war, murder, and natural disasters combined It amounts to stealing more than 36 million years of healthy lives In 2012, the WHO: Global rates of suicide are up 60% since WWII 25 attempts for one officially recorded suicide This is an accelerating paradox Lives have been remade for the better Yet we suffer unprecedented despair In a time defined by ever more social progress and astounding innova
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