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Peace Studies
Diane Enns

PEACE ST 2A03 1102013 74100 AM Conflict does not mean violent conflict violence is terrorism guerilla warfare humanitarian intervention not about mind games but physical killingpeace is a utopian state sometimes how we perceive itpeace peaceful its a describing word not about harming of killing someone peaceful revolutionthere are a lot of terms for conflict transformationWe encounter conflict all the time but the outcomes are almost always peaceful in Canada due to societal laws refraining from using violenceCauses of violenceCauses of Conflicteconomic recourses o struggle over land o drought causes refuges wanting a better homePolitical interstate intrastate within stateso identity struggles Nationalism tribalism religionthe ideological perspectivessome are willing to kill for itgroups are so infused in their ideologieso decolonization struggles Nazism feminism communism Marxism good and bad of ideological positionsHumanitarian o in the name of humanitarian assistance but are not really o intervention in other conflicts can be its own other conflicthow to stop a genocide and if its right to stop it by violence the conditions of violent conflict the more human aspectscapacity for humans to kill other humans to kill our own specieso seems impossible to us in every massacre the attackergroup obliterate other groups dehumanizationo essential tool of killingthe belief that killing is justified by society o obedience is a problem it enables people to killo humanitarian wars are justified in the name of justice the means to kill o weapons in order to take part in violent conflicts its needed o the collective conscious justifies violent conflictsHedgeswar is narcotic o not for just to experience it but also with those who fight in it the feeling of a purpose o even the victims gives life meaningoften after the aftermath we need dramatic situationswar is a sickness o effects us all o story of when he was coming back from El Salvadorevidence that war is a sickness and it had effected himvictims and per rotators suffer o not the same kind it effects psyche deep psychological o different wayseconomically politically we justify war notion of grievance when you are the victim the retaliation seems justifiedwe feel righteous once we see our self on the side of the angels page 9o the argument of self defense the violence is justified on the bases of securityo not a passives war is good at sometimesDavidIsraelimade a speech at a memorial for the prime minister of Israelo what is necessary is for the Palestinian and Israelis to talk to one another communication is key it is much more complex o complete inability to communicate o talks about the occupation has done to the Israelis o if time hasnt snapped o compassion is strong like the force of natureo disabling the system of dehumanization o the problem is will power o how do you inspire the political world to change its not always easy violence is the only way for some
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