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Stefan Rodde

Feb 11 3/16/2013 1:24:00 PM University speech codes  Charles Lawrence o Favours spach code o Goals:  Show that speech codes are consistent with first amendment  Show that speech codes are desirable Speech codes are legal  Brown vs board of edu  Cahplinsky vs. New Hampshire  Civil rights act (1964) Fighting words are not protected by the constitution Skokie vs Nazi part of America  Supreme court rules that Nazis could hold march and display swastika in Jewish village Speech codes are deseriable  Racist speech (rs ) inflicts a real psychic harm on its victims  Rs prevents minorities from receiving an equal education opportunity to that of the majority  rs does not promote that discussion or exchange of ideas Canadian charger – Section 2  Everyone has the following dunadmental freedoms Candiand charter – Secion 1  The candiadn charter of rights and freedoms gurantees the rights and freedoms set out in it sujeuct only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be desmostratbly justified in a free and democratic society  hate speech are constitutional Anti Speech Code  Having rights vs doin what is right o If A has a right to do X , then it is wrong to prevent A from doing x o If A is doing what is right , then they are doing what they ought to do John staur mill  Utillity and utilitarianism o An action which tend to maximize overall utility or minimize overall disutility is right  Greatest good for the greatest number o Individuals must be protected from state power o Individuals must be protected against majority opinion Suppressions of opinions o A suppressed opinion could be true , false or partly true and partly false  In virtually all situations
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