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Barry Allen

After Aristotle, there were many schools of philosophy. 1. Epicurus: had to be permission to come in and listen, to take meal, to have life style. Had to renounced, pursuit of wealth, give up politics. - Great support of rationalism. Source of unhappiness is disharmony, philosophy provide direction to be harmony. Purity is achieved by philosophy. Often Epicurus gave letters to summarize lessons. Don’t delay decision to begin study philosophy, you are never too young, too old, too soon, too late to concern about yourself. It is about being happy. His teaching will provide direction. - False belief, problem of knowledge, philosophical knowledge takes over you; tranquility existed. - Denounced eternal soul, however still death is nothing to fear. Nature is entirely different than plato’s death view. Worlds are generated, destroyed, by perpetual atom. There is nothing ideal about world, spiritual too. Form of nature is mechanic system that is existed by survivalists. Fear is the respond to the context that you do not understand. - Not to be frustrated, need to have right idea of god: 1. God does exists 2. Unconcerned with human’s affair 3. Gods are nothing to fear, model. Gods are indifferent because they are immortal and blessed; causing no fear. Happiness Is undisturbed tranquility, as happy, gods have no troubles and no motive to trouble others. Lastly, existence of evil proves their indifference. They could prevent evil if they cared. Worshiping is right thing, thinking about gods create tranquility to in our mind. CONCLUSION: RIGHT UNDERSTANDING OF GOD - Understanding of Death is required. Death the most frightening is nothing to us, death is not yet present, if death present, we do not exist. There is no ‘you’ to be harmed, since it cannot harm you when it doesn’t exist. - Epicurus; Atomism: natural philosophy/physics/nature are important. Happiness requires good explanation of the disaster that you may face. All bodies either atomic or compound, nothing from n
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