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Stefan Rodde

Just War Theory – April 3, 2013 War - Can war be just (ethical)? - Yes: Just War Theory - No, war is always unjust: Pacifism - No, war is neither just nor unjust: Moral Nihilism (Realism) Realism (Moral Nihilism) - Ethics and Justice do not apply to the relations between states - Justice requires an overarching authority, and there isn’t one in international arena - Relations between states are (or ought to be) governed by self-interest Realism – War - War is neither ethical nor unethical - Decisions are (or ought to be) governed only by self-interest - Is this position plausible? - It seems that discussions of ethics and justice are relevant t- decision- making in and assessment of war Just War Theory (JWT) - A war is just if it satisfies conditions - These conditions are divided into three parts - Jus ad bellum – Justice going to war - Jus in bello – Justice during war - Jus post bellum- Justice after war Jus Ad Bellum - JAB concerns the decisions to go to war - It applies primarily to political leaders JAB Just Cause - A state may only go to war for the right reason - What counts as a just cause for war? - Typically a response to aggression - Preventative war is problematic JAB – Right Intention - A state must fight the war for the sake of the just cause - Just cause cannot be a pretext - Are there any problems with this condition? JAB – Proper Authority - War can only be declared by a legitimate government - Declaration of war must be public JAB –
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