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Stefan Rodde

Just War Theory Continued – April 8, 2013 JWT - A war is just if it satisfies conditions - These conditions are divided into three parts - Jus ad bellum - Jus in bello - Jus post bellum - Some actions are considered intrinsically wrong - E.g. targeting non-combatants - Other actions must be assessed on consequentialist grounds - E.g. Good consequences can justify some collateral grounds Political Realism (Moral Nihilism) - Ethics and Justice only apply to individuals in law- governed states - States exist in a situation similar to a Hobbesian state of nature - Relations between states are (or ought to be governed by self interest) Political Realism – War - War is neither ethical nor unethical - Decisions are (or ought to be) governed only by self interest - Is this position plausible? - It seems that discussions of ethics and justice are relevant to decision- making in and assessment of war Pacifism Pacifism Killing is always wrong Violence is always wrong Personal (Private) Political (Anti-War) Both (Universal) Anti- War Pacifism (AWP) - Political violence (war) is always wrong - Personal violence can be justified unethical? - Is killing soldiers on the battlefield unethical? - No: Self-defense - No: Assumption of risk Killing Soldiers – Self-Defense - On the battlefield it is kill or be killed and since killing in SD is justified, killing soldiers on battlefield is justified - Is this a good argument? - SD only justified killing if there are no other options and you did not provoke attack - Much (most?) killing on battlefield is done relative (or extreme) safety Killing Soldiers – Assumption of Risk - People who freely assume a risk only have themselves to blame if that risk is realized - Thus, soldiers who kill enemy are not to blame - Is this a good argument? - Many soldiers are conscripted - Responsibility for ri
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