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Brigitte Sassen

thLecture 3 Jan 14 Republic To have a perfect city you cannot have a city with music poetry etc Outline of BK X Marginal numbersForms or ideasIdea of justice virtue poetry is like paintingCannot make beds but merely copy themp Lecture 4 Jan 16 SartrePublished what is literature 1949Always had a pipe or smoke in his mouthHe was an existentialism o He stresses subjectivity individual existenceo Stressed freedomchoicewaiter In caf analogy existence precedes essence o Human beings unlike animals do not have a fixed natureo We get to choose ourselvesReal World Vs PoetryReal World o everyday affairsactivities o according to Sartre your everyday things are depended on goals endspurposesgoals are privilegedactions are meanso actions are not visibleo words serve communicationo everyday attitude submerges actionswordsPoetry World o Poetry reverses this relationship worldthings become inessential o Endspurposesgoals disappear action is detached from its purpose o Actionswords are privileged and visible o Words do not communicateo Disrupts everyday attitudeSuccess o World of everyday activity is utilitarian o Characterized by projectsends o Does not afford opportunity for reflection o Slight realityFailureo modern poetry lets us seeexperience failure o by failing at communication it invites reflection on words that do not communicate o excessive reality William Carlos Williams poem this is just to say Plato Vs Sartre on Poetry Platopoetry copies human characteractions within contextpoetry seducesless reality SartrePoetry lets us see human action in its pure formPoetry brings us back to ourselvesReality is not onedimensional but rather multidimensionalMore realityWhy literature can do philosophy According to Sartre literature lets us encounter the unusual it removes is from immersion in the everyday commonplace Excessive multidimensional realityThus allowing its readers to reflectSometimes by presenting unusual scenerios start reading the outsider by CamusstLecture 5 Jan 21 Camus19131960
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