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Instructors: Stefan Rodde &Adam Sopuck Date: 12/15/13 Class: Philosophy & the Sciences 1D03 Topic: Philosophy of Technology Technology Day 3 Richard Sclove  Common misconceptions about how technology changes peoples lives o We tend to focus on the big technology o We tend to focus on the direct effects Social Structure  Artifacts define and regulate patterns of human behavior in the following ways o Coercive compliance o Sub-Conscious compliance o Opportunities and constraints o Background conditions as imperatives o Effecting non-users o Communicative and cultural systems o Altering society and macroscopic level “Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People”  Guns do not define or regulate human behavior in a significant way o Sclove disagrees with this claim  Its not just an instrument to achieve what we want it helps define and regulate what we pursue Technology & Human Behavior  Very few tech are designed to regulate human behavior  So why do most technologies do this? o Because they are polypotent  Poleypotency:  All artifacts are designed to perform a specific task, (this is a focal function/purpose)  Vast majority of artifacts have many non-focal functions. They are potent in many ways
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