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Sean Corner

Instructors: Stefan Rodde &Adam Sopuck Date: 12/1/13 Class: Philosophy & the Sciences 1D03 Topic: Philosophy of Technology Technology Day 1 Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention  What does this mean? o Technology does not exist merely to satisfy our needs  It also satisfies our wants o Other animals however use instinct  Better than technology  Technology is not merely aimed at promoting human life o It is also directed to promoting a better life What is technology?  Products of technical know how (artifacts)  (Aristotle: A type of knowledge associated with production) o But neither of these conceptions gives a complete picture (different components and systems into technology [production, economics, social, etc.])  Technology is the organization of knowledge, people and things in order to accomplish practical goals What is the relationship between Science and Technology?  Science is theory and then technology is the application o There is a problematic conception  Science and Technology are mutually dependent o (Technology actually can give rise to science) What is the difference between Science & Technology?  Science is elevated activity associated with contemplation [grasp truths and reflect on them], while technology is activity associated with solving practical problems [craft knowledge]  Science asks WHY/WHAT questions, Technology asks HOW  Science uses scientific method, Technology uses diverse methods  Science aims at knowledge of the world, Technology aims at constructing artifacts o PROBLEM: Experiments are art
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