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Philosophy and the Sciences-Mar.29. Week 12

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Dr.Michal Arciszewski

March 29 Historical ParadigmsTKhun o History of science as revolutions between periods of normal science governed by paradigmsNormal Science puzzle solving specific problemsIrrational vs RationalI Lakatos o The history of scienceChange vs progress o Whats the differenceJust a switch of perspective Which perspective is the right one out of the multiple various ways of looking at itWhat is the logical account of how one scientific theory is better than the previous or another o Irrational change completely irrational Mob psychologyRevolutions what is a scientific revolution Is science ACTUALLY progressing Storming the Biology department taking a bunch of Lakatos supporters and taking over the biology department as a scientific revolutionfits many of the criteria Khun outlines but is mob psychology as a revolutionWorking out of a paradigm from withinInexplicable phenomenaanomaliesThrough research programmesCore methods and hypotheses conventions are retained while everything else is revolutionized around them It is the science of the same world not just different perspectivesAuxiliary hypothesis o ProgressIf only conventions are retained which conventions are betterHow do you compare them if you cannot logically connect themIncommensurability Newton and Einstein are not rationally comparablePtolemy and Copernicus are empirically equivalentThe Realists RebuttalIncreasing success at predicting and controlling the worldPtolemys system failed to adapt to certain new observationsCopernicus system could adapt o How do you explain the successThe No Miracles Argument o Increase in predictioncontrol success
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