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Lecture 4

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Fox 1 Lecture 4PHILO 2F03Wednesday September 17 2014ThinkingVolitions Mental Actsaction of the soul on itself cognition memory imaginationaction of the soul on the body willPassions Affectionsperceptionspassive affection by animal spiritsthe most primitive passions are wonder love hate desire joy sadnessall other passions are a combination or fundamentally related to themyou can not just stop hearing or seeing if you can do bothwhen you are experiencing a passion you are experiencing the deeply confused part of yourself which is the heartconsciousness is not divided and against himselfthe mind is one hole united and essential conscious is what Descartes thinksthe driver is intelligence the part of the soul that learns and strive to be rational and know the truth the two horses that are linked to the chariotone of the horses is beautiful and goodthe other hors
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