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Social and Political Issues, Sept. 24

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Diane Enns

September 24 Enslavement: - Characterized by extreme lack of choice in the physical sense – the only option seemingly mental freedom. o The source of enslavement is the ideal presented that education will lead to a good life. Enslaved by the allure of wealth and success. o We are often willingly enslaved. What to do about it? French Revolution: - Rousseau: highly influential to the French Revolution, died a decade before it began. o Revolutions have ambiguous outcomes: The French Revolution ended with the Declaration of the Rights of Man, not only horror and bloodshed. o Human rights , freedoms etc. We are always dealing with political inconsistencies – rights extended only to men, condoned slavery. Rousseau: - The origin of inequality o Equality in nature – no structure or laws made by man. Then humans created civilization because of our ‘perfectability’ o Inequality in a macro view – gender, class and race – we live in an unequal world because it is a patriarchical world, a world divided by class and a colonial world. o Two Kinds of Inequalities:  Natural: physical, established by nature – differences in age, beauty, stability.  Moral or Political Inequality: result of human convention  Because they came out of independence and live in families, creation of the social structures in existence today. Coming of this is the sense of being wronged; which led men to be bloodthirsty and cruel.  The need for property and proximity; the nostalgia
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