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Western Aesthetics

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Barry Allen

Lecture 1Western Philosophical Aesthetics th4 Century BCEPlatoAristotle rd3 Century CEPilonous Eighteenth CenturyHumeKantNineteenth CenturyHegel Nietzsche Schopenhauer Fine ArtsThe similarity of all the arts and crafts considered togethera cook and a sculptor both make things Their language did not even have to words that we to make a discrimination between the two Both were considered techneknowing how to make things anythingart skill techniqueCapacity to produce something with understandingAristotleThrowing yarn into the air and having it come down as a pair of shoes is luckA cobbler knows what to do his craft of making shoes is a practised skillthis is techne There is an art only when there is a better or worse way of producing something The one with the art knows this way Painters poets and masters of techne DifferencesArt is a type of knowledge and to be an artist is to be a master of this knowledge Romanticismour thoughts of art and beauty are stamped by this The Greeks did not have any of thisthey were completely indifferent to originality They did not expect an artist to make something new that no one had ever seen before The very idea of an artist doing something like this was horrifying They would pay for perfect workthis is what you expected from an artist Emotional Expressionthey dont want artists to express themselves Perfect work is perfect form which was understood as emotionally neutral Form addressed the eyes and not the heart A Greek statue expresses very little emotionally No connection between art and beautybeauty Kalon The fine things for them are youthful looks gold giving your parents a good funeral Classical Greek PhilosophySocrates 469399 BCEPlato 427347 Aristotle 38422Kalonbeautiful fine
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