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Intro to Ethics, Nov 15

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V Igneski

November 15 Applied Ethics: Abortion - Approaches: o Traditional Approaches: exploring the rights of the fetus as a focus, the moral status of the fetus.  Conservative  Typically argues that abortion is wrong from the time of conception; reason for immorality varies ( sanctity of life, has rights as a human based on genes)  Moderate/gradualist  Abortion becomes wrong at a significant point, prior to this point, it is morally permissible (viability, sentience)  Liberal  Only persons have rights, discerned by certain characteristics, which exclude fetuses and so abortion is permissible. o Non-traditional: focuses on the rights of the women.  Feminist - John T. Noonan Jr. o An entity becomes at person at conception, so except to save a mother’s life, abortion is morally wrong. o If conceived by human parents, your genetic code indicates that you are human with entitlement to human rights. - Fundamental Question o How do you determine the humanity of a being?  Viability – invalid.  Whether or not it is dependent upon the mother for life;  The idea of viability is changing, should that be a determining factor in determining humanity?  Experience - invalid  Through our experiences we become human – fetuses don’t have experiences.  Fetus’ experiences to light and touch begin at 8 weeks  Sentiments of adults - invalid  Grief from losing a child differs from the loss of a fetus  Dis
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