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Lecture 6

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Derek Parfit: September 27, 2012 What makes someone’s life go best? Hedonism: pleasure/Happiness Desire-Fulfillment: what would best fulfill one’s desires Objective List: Certain things are good/bad for us whether or not we want them e.g. Knowledge, mutual love, awareness of beauty Preference Hedonism  What pains/pleasures have in common is their relation to our preferences and desires  An experiences is pleasant if it is preferred  About our present state of mind/consciousness  Problem: better for me to believe I am not being deceived (irrelevant if my belief is false) Desire-Fulfillment  Unrestricted versions: fulfillment of all my desires through out my life  Problem: does my life really go better if desires I Have about someone else (e.g. John is cured) are fulfilled without my knowledge? Success Version of Desire Fulfillment  Only count desires about one’s own life  Deception I Don’t know what is bad for me (if I desire not to be deceived)  Problem: is my life wore if my desire is to be a good parent is not fulfilled because my kids are failures, even if I Don’t know about it or I’m dead? Summative Versions  Appeal to all of one’s desires about her life  Assign positive number to each preference o
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