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Lecture 4

PHILOS 2ZZ3- Lecture 4 notes

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Diane Enns

PHILOS 2ZZ3 Enns January 17, 2014 Lecture 4 • Love is a variation of intensity • Best eros is for wisdom of philosophy o Philosophers are in privileged position  Love, virtue, wisdom • Love is idealized -- god o Not about love for something/ person  Person is erased o Is love itself • What does this idealization say about the other and particularities of life o Longing for sweet apple--sappho o Thinking outside the body o Long for something that’s permanent  Essential for the human experience  Loved forever  Stays in the inconscious • Spherical people o Wound o Panicked search o Incompleteness without the loved one o Sex isnt enough -- not just sexual desire to want merging  Poor substitute  Boundaries of bodys become indistinct o Inexplicit element that shows we want to be merged • Best way is to win the favour of young men o Didn’t idealize erotic love?  Follow animals desiring pleasure for own sake • Love is happy, most beautiful o Separate from emotion? o Love of god hates old age o Delicate, never violent o Cares well for good men not bad one -- our saviour • Desires lack o If love desires beauty it cant desire beauty o Cant desire what it has o Diotema -- doesn’t come to the party  Voiced through socrates  Plato doesn’t have women  Didn’t like that wisdom
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