Philosophy and Lit.-Mar.20 Blindness

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21 Mar 2012
March 20
Tyranny and Victimization in Blindness
- Review: situation with the initial demands of hoodlums tyrannous power
o Amidst the scatological disaster that the mental hospital has become,
everyone (with few exceptions) is living like an animal concerned with
survival rather than keeping their humanity/human life.
o Situation of arbitrary power; internees living in fear of each other, dependent
on the hoodlums for food
Valuables /money is exchanged for the food that ought to be
distributed equally amongst all of the inmates, as food rations are not
intended to be conditionally distributed.
Could the inmates have refused?
Perhaps, but not without potentially devastating consequences
gun, no food,
But the money/valuables are less important than food at this
point; they are not able to be seen, social structure is irrelevant
to the internees and money is no longer valuable to them.
o Intensification: Hoodlums demand women, ensuing conflict and mass rape
Demands are clear and reasons for conflict is clear.
Between the men and women
Between the men that do not want to see their wives/female
friends “subjected to the shame of giving her body to
What/who is a victim?: generally, someone who is forced into a
situation of his/her choosing with undesirable consequences
A person injured or destroyed by circumstances beyond their
o Natural disaster
o Accident
o Someone is duped
o A living creature sacrificed to a deity
Who is victimized?
Women: under normal circumstances, they would not have
chosen to have sexual relations with the hoodlums.
o Could they have refused? Individually or collectively?
o Threat: if you don’t do this, no one will eat: under
duress, for ‘the benefit of the community” they agree to
o What do they do for themselves by agreeing to do this?
They are choosing their fate, choosing to feed
themselves and the men, they have become the
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