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PHILOS 2TT3 Lecture Notes - Mass Society

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V Igneski

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November 8
Loyalty and the Potter Box
*fox news’ tendency to present information to appear a certain way
- Loyalty as an ethical principle:
o “the willing and practical and thoroughgoing devotion of a person to a cause”
o A social act allowing people to form social contracts
We wouldn’t have a meaningful existence without loyalty
o Can be learned, developed
Can be thought about as an ethical value, though not the sole value
o Expression in friendship, family, organizations, country
- Loyalty: some concerns...
o Close bias/prejudice
Proves problematic when loyalty is to a negative force gangs etc.
Not necessarily a neutral ethical value
o Problems with how to prioritize competing loyalties
Problems in harmonizing with loyalties of others,
o Doesn’t motivate in mass society
o Is it ethical to be loyal to an unethical cause?
It needs to be a worthwhile cause?
Does it harmonize with the loyalties of others?
- Loyalty and the Journalist
o Loyalties: truth, freedom, open discussion, audience, sources, the bottom
line, the profession
Harmonizing of loyalties in community (reader-writer harmony)
o (ethical) responsibilities linked to professional role
Having a greater responsibility to the truth, to foster political
- Conflicting Loyalties:
o Loyalties arising from shared community (humanity)
Respect, honesty, truthfulness, fairness and compassion
o Loyalties arising from professional practice
Mission, audience needs, professional development
o Loyalties arising from employment
Agreements and promises, professional relationships, diversity
o Loyalties arising from the media’s role in public life.
Open discussion and debate, voice for voiceless
The Potter Box
- List facts, determine all relevancies.
- List values associated with situation.
- Apply philosophical/ethical principles which have relevance.
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