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Ethics in Communication, Oct. 25

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V Igneski

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October 25
Other forms of deception:
- Withholding information, exaggerating, framing a situation in a beneficial manner
- Do/allow -
- Intend/foresee: part of what makes something a lie, morally problematic, is the
intent to mislead someone. What if there is not intent to deceive, but can foresee
that people can be mislead by it; is it worse to mislead even though its been
foreseen, or to intentionally mislead.
- Action/inaction: walking past a drowning child inaction is bad; walking by and
pushing a child in a pond action is then bad. SO, which is worse? Doing nothing and
having it result negatively, or doing something and having a negative result.
- Must change our social institutions to account for deceit taking away social
incentives to deceive
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