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PHILOS 2TT3 Lecture Notes - Kantian Ethics, Prima Facie

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V Igneski

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October 30
Review Ethical Theories:
- Utilitarianism
o Treat everyone’s interests equally
o Actions are right if they bring about the best consequences
o Consider long-term consequences
- Kantian Ethics
o Persons are rational autonomous being worthy of respect
o The moral law tells us to treat persons as ends in themselves and never
merely as means
o The reason or motive of your action is morally significant
- Virtue Ethics:
o Moral behaviour expresses virtues or qualities of character
o Right thing to do is what is conducive to good/flourishing of human beings
o Choose well; the moderation of two extremes
- Ethical Pluralism
o Prima facie duties of fidelity, reparation, gratitude, justice, beneficence, self-
improvement and non-maleficence (veracity?)
o All-things-considered duty is the duty you have most reason to fulfill in the
- Feminist Ethics:
o Relationships morally significant
o Principle of care (in addition to justice)
o Challenge oppressive practices
Value of Case Studies:
- Appreciate complexity
- Understand significance of context
- Track consequences of actions
- Consider divergent points of view
- Add: practice, apply theories and principles.