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Abortion: Liberal and Feminist Views
Critique of Tradition argument
o It is wrong to kill innocent human beings (moral sense)
o Fetuses are innocent human beings (biological sense)
o Conclusion: it is wrong to kill fetuses (doesn’t follow)
Moral community of persons
Consciousness & capacity to feel pain
Self-motivated activity
Capacity to communicate
Presence of self-concept &self-awareness
o Non of the five are present then a human being is not a person
o Some human beings are not person, and some person is possible they
are human beings
o Only persons have full moral rights
o If you’re not a person you have rights but not full moral rights
Sufficiently like a person?
Can feel pain and have brain activity
o But some with fish
Not fully conscious, can’t reason or communicate
o Any right that it may have it could overwrite the mothers right to life
Late-term abortions possibly indecent but not immoral
Potential persons
Yes, but right outweighed by right of actual person
Could we argue that it has a right to life, to become a potentially a person?
It does give some reason that it is a potential person
Moral significance of birth
Enters social world
o Makes a difference
o Have the ability to enter into social relationships
No conflict with mother’s rights
Consider social practices and values
Appropriate to treat as if it had stronger rights
o Not only a list of what is right but a social component
Sherwin and feminist view
Consider perspective of pregnant women
o Lose of women’s lives, with restricted abortion policies
Being in womb is morally relevant
Women in best position to judge
o Epistemic and decisional privilege
o Women has the judge to how it effect them
o Lack of support, lose of jobs, homeless, domestic violence, incest
Women must control their reproduction
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