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Lecture 14

PHILOS 2YY3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Rule Utilitarianism

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James Sikkema

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PHILOS 2YY3 Tutorial Jan 22 2018
Rule utilitarianism: my relationship with my mother is of a certain sort, if everyone
behaves this way towards their mother, this is going to be better overall
o Allows for breaking of their rules
o Breaking of this rule, doesn’t destroy this and produes this result
Actual ontological status to good and evil (they both exist)
o Nothing really good or evil, there is just a will to power
Noble class is above/beyond this, so in that way they are beyond good and evil
o What’s good is what the powerful is apale of alling good
o Therefore, will to power is viewed as being good
Slaves, who even though they are incapable of being powerful, they view things of being
good, but they themselves could never been that good
o Some of those slaves, because they cant be powerful leads to slave revolt
invert terms of good and evil
o All the things that I cant be are bad, and the things I can be are good
Being able to affirm live will to power
o Feeling of gaining power and exerting power and being powerful
o When you are powerful, you can follow your own path to gain more power
knowing that no one will stop you
o This is what the best life would look like
What ought I to do?
o If you do what you ought to do, you will live a good life
o You do what you can do to gain power and exert power and get away with it
(noble class)
What does the best life look like?
Justice is an idea of slave morality
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