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Reza Nejat

Physics 1B03 Course Outline for Summer Term-1, 2011-2012 Home page: Course Objectives • To come to appreciate that equations don’t solve physics problems – ideas solve physics problems! • To move beyond being able to recite the laws of mechanics to being able to use them. • To understand that a wide range of problems can be tackled with a few basic concepts. Instructors 2363235 CejBtBReza [email protected] Required nd Physics for Scientists and Engineers, A Strategic Approach (with Modern Physics), 2ed, by Randall D. Knight Physics 1B03 Laboratory Manual course pack, summer 2012, and a black, bound, hardcover lab notebook I-clicker (Can be purchased from the bookstore.) Format: • There are two three hours classes per week. • There will be assignments most weeks. We will be using the software tool called CAPA (Computer-Assisted Personalized Approach). This tool generates individualized assignments for you. Access is through Avenue. • There will be one mid-term test on Thursday May 24, 2012. You will be informed of the actual time and location closer to the date. • The material studied in class is supported by practical exercises. There are practical sessions every week, each lasting 2 hours. All the sessions are in BSB B114/115. Calculator: Only the McMaster Standard Calculator will be permitted in tests and examinations. Marking Scheme Assignments (CAPA) 7.5% Test 25% Class Activity & Quizzes 5% Practical Exercises 12.5% Exam 50% Missed Lab Work Lab work missed due to illness or personal circumstances must be made up as soon as possible. Use MSAF immediately to report the missed lab and then speak to the lab supervisor, Alex Vorobyov, in person to reschedule. Labs must be made up as soon as possible (no more than two weeks) after you return. Missed labs, or labs not made up in a timely fashion, will be assigned a mark of zero. Schedule Week
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