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Angular Momentum 2 • Angular momentum of a particle Text sections 11.2 - 11.4 Practice Problems: Chapter 11, problems 11, 13, 15, 19, 55 Physics 1D03 Review Quiz Two astronauts are held together by a long rope and rotate about their common center of mass. One has twice the mass of other. One astronaut gathers in 1/3 of the rope separating them. Which of the following remains constant? A) Kinetic energy B) Angular velocity C) Angular momentum D) Tension in the rope By what factor do each of the others change? Physics 1D03 1 Angular momentum of a particle L =r×p =r×(mv) z This is the fundamental definition of L. y • L is a vector. O r v • Like torque, it depends on the choice of origin (or “pivot”). x m φ • If the particle motion is all in the x-y plane, L is parallel to the z axis. Physics 1D03 Angular momentum of a particle (2-D): v |L| = mrv⊥ r ⊥ v = mvr sin φ , etc m φ For a particle travelling in a circle (constant |r|), v ⊥ r ω, and 2 L = mrv ⊥ mr ω = Iω Physics 1D03 2 A hockey puck slides in a straight line at constant speed past a physicist at O. How does its angular momentum about O change with time? A) increases, then decreases B) decreases, then increases C) remains constant, but not zero O D) is zero unless the puck is spinning v Physics 1D03 General motion: “orbital” and “spin” angular momentum L =r×p =r
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