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Physics 1L03 Sections 12 Course Outline for Term 1 20112012Home page httpwwwphysicsmcmastercaphys1L03 Phys 1L03 is an introductory Physics courseIt concentrates on conceptual and descriptive applications of Physics to the understanding of living systems It begins by studying estimation and modeling locomotion and biomechanics Then it continues with the concept of hearing and sound waves In Phys 1L03 we study biological systems from a Physics perspective Phys 1L03 is designed for LifeHealth Sciences students who want to understand the basic concepts of Physics in accordance with their subjects of studyInstructorReza Nejat ABB 235 Ex 23632 nejatphysicsmcmastercaRequired items Physics for the Life Sciences by Martin ZinkeAllmang Nelson 2008An iclickerFormatEach class meets two times per week The format is a combination of lecturing and inquiry courses in which the topics will also be discussed amongst the members of the class The instructor will act in the role of discussion leader Clicker quizzes will be given frequently usually more than once per lecture Clicker quizzes are short conceptual quizzes based on the assigned readings and the material being discussed in lecture They are not very difficult They are meant to help you to assess how well you understand the discussed material If you do not do well on the clicker quizzes you should ask more questions All students are responsible to have iclicker before the seco
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