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Phys 1L03 Conceptual Multiple choices questions 6- Waves, Sound waves 1. A wave moves at a constant speed along a string. Which one of the following statements is false concerning the motion of particles in the string? a. The particle speed is constant. b. The particle speed is not the same as the wave speed. c. The particle speed depends on the amplitude of the periodic motion of the source. d. The particle speed depends on the frequency of the periodic motion of the source. 2. The displacement of a vibrating string versus position along the string is shown in the figure. The periodic waves have a speed of 10.0 cm/s. A and B are two points on the string. What is the amplitude of the wave? a. 2 mm b. 4 mm c. 8 mm d. 12 mm e. 16 mm 3. What is the wavelength of the wave of the question 2, the previous question? a. 3.0 cm b. 6.0 cm c. 9.0 cm d. 12 cm e. 15 cm 4. What is the frequency of the wave of question 2? a. 0.60 Hz b. 0.90 Hz c. 1.1 Hz d. 1.3 Hz e. 1.7 Hz 1 5. A wave has a frequency of 58 Hz and a speed of 31 m/s. What is the wavelength of this wave? a. 1.9 m b. 3.5 m c. 0.29 m d. 0.53 m e. 31 m 6. Which one of the following statements concerning waves is false? a. A wave can have both transverse and longitudinal components. b. A wave carries energy from one place to another. c. A wave does not result in the bulk flow of the material of its medium. d. A wave is a traveling disturbance. e. A transverse wave is one in which the disturbance is parallel to the direction of travel. 7. A traveling wave passes a point of observation. At this point the time interval between successive crest is 0.2 s. a. The wavelength is 5 m. b. The wavelength is 0.2 m. c. The propagation is 5 m/s. d. The frequency is 5 Hz. e. There is not enough information to justify any of these statements. 8. Find the displacement of a simple harmonic wave of amplitude 9.60 m at t = 0.71 s. Assume that the wave number is 2.34 m –1, the angular frequency is 2.88 rad/s, and that the wave is propagating in the + x direction at x = 1.21 m. {Hint:y ▯ Asin(k x ▯ ▯t, and inside the angle bracket has a unit of radian here.} a. 1.56 m b. 3.36 m c. 5.28 m d. 6.78 m e. 9.47 m 9. Find the speed of a wave whose displacement is given byy ▯ 3.7 cos(2.2x ▯ 7.0t) , where x and y are in meters and t is in second. a. 2.4 m b. 3.2 m c. 4.5 m d. 5.8 m e. 7.7 m 2 10.A string stretched between two fixed points has a fundamental frequency of 100 Hz. The frequency of this stretch string when it vibrates with 4 nodes (3 anti-nodes) is: a. 300 Hz b. 200 Hz c. 150 Hz d. 67 Hz e. 33 Hz 11.A guitar string is plucked and set into vibration. The vibrating string disturbs the surrounding air, resulting in a sound wave. Which entry in the table below is correct?
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