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Reza Nejat

Phys 1L03 Tutorial session Set 5 Fifth series: Questions on Newton’s Laws 1. A car traveling 72.0 km/h along a straight, level road is brought uniformly to a stop in a distance of 3 40.0 m. If the car weighs 8.8 x 10 N, what is the braking force? 2. A crate has a mass of 24 kg. What applied force is required to produce an acceleration of 3 m/s if2 the frictional force is known to be 90 N? 3. A 2010 kg elevator moves with an upward acceleration of 1.5 m/s . What is the tension in the cable that supports the elevator? 4. A boy pulls a box of mass 30 kg with a force of 25 N as shown. a. Ignoring friction, what is the acceleration of the box? b. What is the normal force exerted on the box by the ground? 5. A oirl pushed a 25 kg lawn mower as shown. If F= 30 N and θ = 37 , a. What is the acceleration of the mower, and b. What is the normal force exerted on the mower by the lawn? Ignore friction. o 6. A brick of mass 1.0 kg slides down an icy roof inclined at 30.0 with respect to the horizontal. If the brick starts from rest, how fast is it moving when it reaches the edge of the roof 0.90 s later? Ignore friction. 7. Two blocks are connected by a cord that does not stretch. The cord passes over a frictionless pulley. If the masses are m1=26.0 kg and m =22.0 kg, what are the accelerations of each block and the tension in the cord? o 8. Consider the skier on a slope of
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