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Lecture 3

POLSCI 1AB3 Lecture 3: L3b-Developement and Underdevelopment

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Political Science
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Monday, January 23, 2017 Lecture 3bDevelopment and Underdevelopment According to Dependency Theory, underdeveloped states are underdeveloped because of the structure of the world economy The cause of underdevelopment is the international system, not internal domestic factors Global capitalism creates the conditions for development and underdevelopment simultaneously Global capitalism development some states (the north) while simultaneously under developing other states (the south) In fact, the economic development of European states only occurred because of the economic underdevelopment of nonEuropean states Europe: Trading with its colonies, trading slaves back and forth between Africa and the Americas, Taking gold, silver, cotton, sugar etc from Americas to Europe When the raw materials arrive in Europe they use them to create the industrial revolution Europe sends these manufactured goods back to Africa and Americas as consumer goods Clothing , Trinkets, Guns etc Who benefits? Europe Wealth is funnelled towards Europe Historical example of the Atlantic Triangle in the 16th19th century No way for autonomous development to occur The question is, just how pervasive is the underdevelopment mechanism in history Does the Atlantic triangle of the 16th century repeat itself in subsequent centuries? If we look at the global economy what is being traded is different but there is still a division of labour According to Dependency theorists like Andre Gunder Frank, exploitation continues, even while the items being traded may change The products being traded may change but the north is still extracting wealth from the south There were moments of wealth accumulation but that is not the same as development 1
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