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8. According to Scholte, “Much if not most existing analysis of globalisation is flawed because it is redundant, failing to generate new understanding that is not attainable with other concepts.” Discuss some of the problems associated with defining globalization? Many authors have attempted, with relative success, to define globalization in a variety of ways. Some claim that it cannot be done; others claim that it would constrain the meaning to do so, and still others have defied these two beliefs and have constructed a working definition. Despite differing opinions about developing a definition, all authors agree on one thing: that defining this term is anything but easy. In this paper, I will argue why the term “globalization” is so difficult to define, what broad meanings it generally encompasses and what are the problems associated with defining this broad term. Globalization is not a single concept that can be defined and encompassed within a set time frame, nor is it a process that can be defined clearly with a beginning and an end. Moreover, it cannot be explained with confidence and be pertinent to all people and in all situations. Globalization encompasses economic assimilation, the transfer of policies across borders, transmission of knowledge and cultural stability. It is a global process, a concept, a revolution, and so much more. It is a widely used term in the business world but no one really knows what it means. It is so frequently used yet, so difficult to define since it is endlessly contradictory and so complex. According to Scholte, to understand what it may define, one needs to understand the concepts of economics, sociology, political science, geography, anthropology, philosophy, and law, in order to have an adequate understanding of the subject. The definition of globalization is a continuous debate. Its definition is extremely ambiguous and ever changing. Some view the term as being an increase in international trade and investment. International trade and investment
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